WITHUS :: Microfiber, Towel, Art Cloths, Lens Cloths, Mousepad and ETC.

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WITHUS is dedicated to supplying
the must superior microfiber cleaning cloth for customers

  • Since the establishment in 2007,
  • Withus has manufactured and exported various products
  • over the countries in the world and our excellent technology
  • has been proved through a lot of international exhibitions for
  • many years.
  • Various products produced with the latest technology
  • such as microfiber lens cleaner and bath towels give great
  • satisfaction through advanced microfiber technology and
  • good sense of touch.
  • We have tried efforts to make first-class products and eco-friendly
  • fabrics such as anti-fog fabric, scent fabric and corn fiber
  • have been developed using various technologies.
  • The research and development of this microfiber technology has been
  • finalized and it passed various tests.
  • We will continuously create the future of fiber with the technology which makes human life richer.