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  • Advanded, Innovative and superior technology.
  • Microfiber brings outstanding performance from a wide variety of cleaning.
  • Microfiber is the hypoallergenic textile, 100 times thinner than the human hair, which made up of polyester and polyamide for amazing cleaning.
  • Microfiber is a special yarn that is 0.2denier, an ultra fine Microfiber
  • This filament is very fine, strong and is virtually lint-free.

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Our Premium Microfiber cloths is a very smooth fabric designed for delicate surface, and works very well on cleaning glass, cameras, goggles, sunglasses, etc without having to worry about any scratches on the surfaces.
Size any sizes & colors are available.
Delivery date 4 weeks after sample approval confirmation
Standard size 10x15cm, 15x15cm, 15x18cm, 18x18cm, 20x20cm, 20x30cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm
Sample customer can request samples free of charge and samples will be ready in 5 business days.
Acceptable files al, eps. psd, pdf, tiff, bmp, jpeg / Resolution : 300dpi